Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Out-of-context things me and my friends/classmates/acquaintances have said (part 1)

-"No, I sacrificed my whole soul to Technoblade"

-"I guess theoretically I could eat my blanket"

-"My house is homeless-"

-"Sorry I'm late, I was busy creeping out the neighborhood against my will"

-"I am being emailed by a taco"

-"Bruh, my tortellini is clipping"

-"Trick or treat or get arrested"

-"I want a cyanide cherrio"

-"Return the cookies or I shall unleash the power of the drugged demon lords."

-"Randomly becoming blind is acceptable"

-"help me I just burned my hand on cheese"

-(points at me) "Don't talk to that one, she kills children."

-"The heart attack is named Robert."

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