Friday, April 2, 2021

Out-of-context things me and my friends/classmates/acquaintances have said (part 6)

 "Whoops I started a war."

"The yellow ink is bringing about his downfall."

"I managed to trap my arm in my sleeve, help"

"The children in my basement aren't screaming for once!"

(after tricking someone into being happy) "haha mortal you have fallen into my trap"

"I'm very annoyed that my dad is broken"

"How are you... alive?"

"This carrot is much too powerful."

"wow good job you drugged a literal demon"

"Steve is under your bed. Steve knows your sins."

"So we have to continually almost die."

"It's called developing crippling alcoholism."

"Maybe if I put a knife in my head they'll get the hint?"

"Okay let's go tell our intrusive thoughts to stab their intrusive thoughts!"

"If you want, I can give you a nickname. How about 'beans'?"

Person A: "wait where did my grammar go"
Person B: "lol it's gone it dipped"
Person C: "it left with the brain cells and mental stability"

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